Light Sculpture Of Flames

Written by DEKYA

TeamLab’s “’Light Sculpture of Flames” is a cube of light points orchestrated by an algorithm that uses the same pointillist techniques that Georges Seurat did back in the 19th Century. Be prepared to be transported to a far off galaxy in Japanese tech art studio, Team Lab’s, newest fully immersive installation, Crystal Universe. This Tokyo based collective has installed 60,000 suspended LED’s in a vast array of colors and specific spacings, creating a spectacular appearance of infinite stars, cascading in every direction. You become mesmerized and transported to another time and place. Viewers enter the space and can immediately affect and change the way the lights change throughout the entire installation. Viewers have the power to alter the Crystal Universe with the swipe of your finger from your smartphone and can set stars off into the sky. Different stars have different affects in the space and you control it all. You become the center of the universe and its absolutely magnificent.