Feast Of Eternity By Amy Karle

Written by DEKYA

Amy Karle is an internationally award winning bioartist whose work can be seen as artifacts of a speculative future where digital, physical and biological systems merge. Karle’s artwork taps what it means to be human and opens minds to future visions of how technology could be utilized to support and enhance humanity.

The time we are at in evolution is humanity and technology merging. Envisioned as an artifact of a speculative future, “Feast of Eternity” depicts a human skull, which typically represents death and mortality in conjunction with the possibility of growth and life embodied in one piece. The sculpture is created from reality capture, a 3D scan of a human skull, digital design and generative art. Crystallization on the 3D printed form depicts how cells grow along the lattice and represent the mystery, delicacy and preciousness of life. Sponsored by the American Arts Incubator (AAI) in partnership with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and administered by ZERO1. The program utilizes community-driven digital and new media art projects to instigate dialogue, build communities, bolster local economies, and further social innovation.