Interviewing Tennessee Rapper Babi Mac

Written by DEKYA

I had a quick chat with this beautiful blonde from overseas, rapper Babi Mac! We discussed the risqué rappers,  future projects and collaborations, this lady is creating a massive buzz in the music industry and is only going to continue to rise!! Listen, watch and read all about her hear!

What was it like going up in Tennessee?
I wouldn’t wanna grow up anywhere else. Lakes, rivers, mountains…and the people are so genuine.

Has 2017 been a good year for you music wise?
Every year is a great year. A lot has happened in 2017. TV Appearances, ESPN business, Touring, Completed Album. God willing, 2018 will be even better.

When did all of this begin for you, your interest in music ?
I have always been in love with music. I played the drums for my church when i was 8 and music was a perfect get away for me. I have always been a writer. After i graduated college, I put out a video of me rapping and it went viral, so here i am.

What inspires you to write? Who are your musical inspiration?
Writing is therapy for me. It’s my happy place. I believe it’s essential for us to write down our thoughts so we don’t forget. I respect every artist out there. I cannot just pick a couple inspirations.. Every artist, song regardless of genre has inspired me and influenced me in some way.

What has been the most difficult part of breaking through into this industry?
I am a homebody. My favorite thing in life is my family. The hardest part is definitely leaving my family and being patient. In the music industry, what you record today more than likely will not be released for at least half year.

What keeps you motivated to keep making music?
Other than my fans, i am motivated because i know Music is just an outlet that will open more avenues and opportunities to influence the world in a positive way.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Either performing on Full Throttle Saloon or having my music played on ESPN.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
Eminem or Pink

Please tell us about any future projects you have coming up?
We just finished shooting a Video in Louisiana to my song , Dirty Blonde, It was a blast and the people down there were so fun.
Looking forward to people checking that video out.
I am working with ESPN on something that will be a super fun project.
Stay tuned to ESPN and my Social Networks for an announcement and updates
in the near future and the rest of 2017….