Interview With A Supermodel

Written by DEKYA

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Storming the fashion industry at the speed of light! No its Roxy Horner. One of the hottest supermodels on the international fashion scene. Currently dating Jake Bugg and with an array of high profile friends including Leonardo DiCaprio….and I can see why, Roxy is not just absolutely stunning on the outside she is also an amazing women on the inside- caring, kind, yet savvy and business minded.
So I caught up with Roxy to find out a little more about her day to day globe trotting, aspirations and what she’d bring on a secluded island!


Wow so many questions! Where to begin?!! Okay well the beginning is a good place…So what was it like growing up in London for you?
– I grew up in Essex with my two sisters and parents, I had the best childhood, i’m very close with all my family, my grandparents have a massive garden that we used to love playing in especially when my granddad got the tractor out! But I started modelling early and was soon socialising in London which made me grow up fast, I would say i’ve had the best of both worlds as I was able to enjoy being a child to it’s fullest but I soon got my head screwed on and wanted to work.

How did you initially get involved in Modelling? Was that your dream career as a child?
– It was never something I thought about, my parents always used to tell me I should be a model and soon after my 13th birthday my mum took me to London and I was signed that day! I didn’t know then it would be the start of my career but i’m glad it was.

I am sure there have been many but I can’t help ask…What has been the highlight of your career so far?
– Being able to travel, meeting new and different people from all around the world.

I heard recently you were in America and got to meet 2Chainz how did that all happen!?
– Yes, the first week I arrived in LA it was Labor day (an American celebration where everyone wears white) I was invited to the official Treats magazine Labor day party where 2Chainz was performing and thats where I met him along with many other amazing celebs!

So is it all glitz and glamour or is there also another side to modelling?
– I never like to put modelling down as it’s been amazing to me, however it annoys me that some people don’t realise that it’s hard work too, like any job, it’s long hours and you’re standing in heels all day, if you’re not shooting then you’re travelling around a lot of the, not knowing when you’re next going to work. It can be very lonely and you need to keep a strong head on you all the time, modelling is one of those jobs where you constantly have to think about what you are doing, what you are eating, wearing, who you associate yourself with, what pictures you post… the list is endless and all these things can essentially effect your career, so it isn’t ALL glitz and glamour, BUT there are moments where it is and thats why you work hard for those moments. There are so many positives to modelling, you get to see the world for what it is and if you play it right it can set you up for life.

What is a typical week in your life like?
– A typical week would be perhaps a day or two of castings and then a few shoots. In a day of castings I would be getting taxis or trains to around 5 different places, sometimes a casting can be an hour away from the next, and after that sometimes you never hear back from the client but other times they will call your agency straight away and book you for a shoot! The other days when I am shooting, in London I would normally start shooting around 8/9am and finish around 5/6pm however LA starting times can vary from 6am-9am and generally don’t finish till 6pm or later unless of course you have half a day which happens. It varies a lot and you don’t know your schedule till the day before so planning ahead is not something i ever got used to!

I also heard that you are a keen traveler and aside from modelling you also like to explore the world….what has been the most eye opening place you have traveled too?
-Yes I love to travel! Mainly I just do it within work, but I have been on some amazing holidays too, the Caribbean probably being my favourite, I really enjoyed exploring the different islands either via a very small plane or boat. But one of the most beautiful islands i’ve ever visited is Fraser Island, It’s an Australian island, I would highly recommend people to go there at least once in their life, the sand is pure white and the water is so clear you can see to the bottom, you can even drink some of the water there, just watch out for the dingos!

It is clear to me and the team that you are a very well ground and naturally sweet person, I would say to aspiring models out there that you are a role model, what advice would you give to aspiring models starting up in world that has been known to be very superficial and fickle?
– Always keep good people around you, see your family and old friends as much as you can. Modelling is just like any other job. Don’t believe anything anyone tells you unless it comes from your booker! Also don’t take anything too personally, no matter what people say keep a smile on your face and be happy in your own skin.

You already are making a massive impact on the fashion scene…What are you aim’s and ambitions for next year?

-I always try to push myself and do better than i did the last, so i hope to book more campaigns and covers!

And last but very not least….if you could bring 3 things to your own secluded island what would they be?

-An instrument to learn and to keep me occupied, a toothbrush and my teddy!