R.M .Drake On Technology and Childhood

Written by DEKYA

For me its the simplicity yet irony of this quote. Firstly as the Author has risen to fame due to millennial technology (see below).
But children still need to breathe, hear, smell and experience nature and life. Not to be experienced just through a screen but to play, create and imagine through physical activity, paint, drawing, reading books and just running in a field, childhood is freedom of expression which help us to grow. Does an overload of technology stunt that growth in some ways? 

So here is a little on the author; You’ve probably seen R.M. Drake’s work on the Instagram feeds of celebrities like the Kardashians and Ludacris. Set on handmade gray paper and in typewriter font are his literary prose that ruminate on love, death and loneliness. His posts garner thousands of comments but with the exception of an understated “r.m drake” signature at the bottom, very little context is given about what the words are referring to, where the work originated from or any information about the writer. So who is R.M. Drake?

Robert Macias, who goes by the name R.M. Drake, is a self-published writer. He has 1 million followers on Instagram, 16K on Twitter and 19,985 likes on his Facebook page. And right now his book Beautiful Chaos is the 7th best-selling book in Amazon’s poetry category, placing himself in the company of Edgar Allan Poe and Sylvia Plath. But what sets R.M. Drake apart from many of his best-selling companions is that he came into popularity not through the publicity of a big publishing deal or a piece in The New Yorker, but through comments and likes on Instagram.