Sensory Nails Manicure

Written by DEKYA

Move over Shellac it all about more than just nail colour, especially if this pop-up sensor nail art attracts women (or men) seeking something more than just a colorful nail paint. Wearable technology has influenced so many aspects of our life so why not fashion? This augmentation called Sensor Nails brings your dead nails to life by embedding sensors and electronics to put forth a very different display of wearable technology. Jenny Rodenhouse and Kristina Ortega have designed a set of touch augmentation nail attachments that give a very apt meaning to high-tech nail art. Putting on this nail art takes around 2 hours depending on the kind of augmentation you are looking for thereafter you’ll have manage this nail art very carefully as there are wires and long extensions attached. For this nail art Arduino, piezo sensors, flex sensors and haptic feedback technology is used; making it a very high-end wearable fashion.

What’s interesting is that this mock-nail salon is sponsored by Intel. Designers are taking appointments for customers so they can drench their nails in state-of-the-art electronic nail art that is incomparable.

The sensors utilized in the current nail designs are still larger than desired and require watch batteries to run efficiently. But the two nail afficionados are working on this and envision a future when they can create smaller sensors and different power sources. Experimentations include Breadboard nail designs shaped like cats. A breadboard is a construciton base for a one-of-a-kind electronic circuit; a protype that would allow crcuits to run without soldering.

The future of funky finger paint may well be here. Using fingernails as an artistic canvas for designs is both innovative and ingenious  and the two creators of Sensor Nails are doing all they can to keep up with many of their clients’ requests. Demands are outrageous and range from studs, hoops, rhinestones, clunky 3-D printed objects and similar functionality as that found on a phone app to more edgy, far out demands. According to Ortega: “Somebody once asked me if they could put their office onto their nails!”

Sensor nail art

Sensor nail artSensor nail art