The Surreal Sculptures of Rabarama

Written by DEKYA

Rabarama, known to close friends and loved ones as Paola Epifani, is a contemporary Italian artist with an impressive body of work – pun very much intended. When attempting to wrap my head around Rabarama’s art, I found that it was important to consider the historical influences that can be seen her her sculptures. Rabarama was born in what many may consider the birthplace of sculpture – Rome. Surrounded by not only sculpture, but artwork of all forms, it’s no surprise that she graduated with excellent marks from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. Rabarama’s sculptures are magical; her level of technical skill when it comes to recreating the human form is nothing short of amazing. Vibrant colors, detailed textures, and control over the human form are what makes Rabarama stand out. She’s also an inspiration to artists looking to strike out on their own. She currently has no publicist or manager; everything she does, she does on her own. She has worked hard to earn her place within acclaimed galleries all over the world and she continues to collaborate with famous artists, institutions, and groups.