Therese Schwartze’s Noble Portraits

Written by DEKYA

A portrait Of Mrs A. G. M. Van Ogtrop-hanlo And Her Five Children is a painting by Therese Schwartze (1851-1918). Lifelike, amazing detail and the familiar resemblance is striking. Look at the bravura of stroke, the softness of skin, the sheen of fabric, the life in those eyes!
In her day, the Amsterdam painter Thérèse Schwartze was a celebrated portraitist who combined talent and expertise with a head for business. She produced likenesses of the Dutch elite and members of the royal family in a notably un-Dutch style, becoming a wealthy millionaire in the process. Schwartze also established an international reputation, with countless exhibitions and commissions throughout Europe and the United States. The seemingly effortless brilliance with which she turned out elegant (and sometimes flattering) likenesses of her wealthy clients earned Schwartze much success, but also harsh criticism, especially from advocates for democratization and the renewal of society and art. It was amazing to see a women do so well through the business of art in this error.