The Rise Of Tino Kamal – Interview

Written by DEKYA

Tino Kamal is an English rapper based in West London’s Shepherd’s Bush. He came to prominence after his work was featured in MTV’s The Wrap Up.  Alongside his career as a recording artist, Kamal often makes his own bespoke clothes by re-designing previously owned garments. He has been praised for his bold and creative fashion sense when he frequented global events and fashion shows.  I wanted to hear what he had to say about it all. So I caught up with Tino for a quick chat with this amazingly creative and innovative man!

Tino wears jeweled metal crown, black cotton boxers, dark red printed jeans and black jewelled slippers all by Dolce & Gabbana, black silk drag stylist’s own and yellow gold necklace by Cartier

How did it all start for you Tino, what got you interested in music?

– Life got me started ,lessons from different experiences helped me to find myself leading to the music & passion it was my gateway to vent…I channel a lot into my music.

What has been your greatest musical achievement so far?
– Being Able to have produced young Salvador as a body of work  that could give the people an insight to myself &express that creatively. Also working alongside a legend like Nick Knight on the project Kings of London video.

What is the concept behind your project Young Salvador?
-Music painted in emotions recorded in different genres similar to how Salvador used art to express with surrealism…I used sound to show how I feel!

Who inspires you musical, what kind of music did you grow up listening too?

-I’d have to say Prince an Micheal Jackson! Not just because of ridiculous musical ability ,vocal variation ,SWAG!  Everything they ‘Done just said do me an make it my own’ (SIC) ; Growing up I took that leaf out the greats .

 I also listened to Earth Wind An Fire , Soul to Soul, Pink , So Solid , Outkast , Snoopdogg , Missy Elliott , Sade, Eminem ,Bustsa Rhymes , Whitney Houston , Nerd, Gwen Stefani & so on…..

You are also somewhat of a fashion icon, do you design your own clothes too?

-Yes anytime I get creatively outside the studio tends to go into clothes an materials getting cut up ,or playing with  mixed medias  with women or men’s clothes – Depends How I feel. I also like to showcase my fashion where street fashion or at events on my youtube channel show Swaggbot .

Talking about standing out from the crowd, your tattoos are very striking, what reactions do you get on a daily basis?

-Some turn a blind eye to the tattoos in the normal world but with the generation Im growing with aswell as the industry I’m In the music an fashion embrace it Very well ,some look up to it ,so I’m always happy . It’s all about just being able to be comfortable in your own skin and being yourself!

How many tattoo‘s do you have altogether and would you say that its true ‘once you get one they are addictive’?

-Not enough lol! No I actually haven’t ever counted but a lot. In terms of tattoos being addictive I’d say yes but as much as I crave the pain I got a big love for the art so you tend to look past the raw parts of getting tattooed .

Here he is in action – Nick Knight captures rapper and musician Tino Kamal in this mesmerising music video ‘London Kings’